Cyber Courtship: Computer Matchmaking and Trends in Online Romance

Luz Cabrera-Frias

Synesis: A Journal of Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy 2013; 4: G1-4

The trend of individuals looking online for romantic relationships is well on its way to reaching its tipping point. Online dating is continually gaining in popularity due to the rise of the internet, as well as due to changes within contemporary lifestyles. The difficulty of finding the right partner is encouraging singles to turn away from traditional means of meeting potential mates, and instead opt for the convenience of online modes of dating. As society continues to accelerate its pace, people strive to balance multiple roles and responsibilities and are finding themselves thrust into a position in which they must find non-conventional means of social interaction. This raises questions regarding online dependence, psychological impacts, and traditional modes of dating.


Keywords: online dating, internet, relationships, tipping point