Historical and Social Constructs of Technology: Contexts and Value for the Contemporary World

Timothy J. Demi, Demetri Economos, Jeffrey M. Shaw

Synesis: A Journal of Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy 2013; 4: T1-3

Technology is taken for granted. We live in the age of technology, our lives surrounded by products and gadgets that even a decade ago would have been unrecognizable. Cell phones, ipods, ipads, the Bluetooth, xbox, and myriad other devices have altered our lives in numerous ways. But are these the things that we mean when we use the word “technology?” Does the definition of technology that we have come to rely upon refer to gadgets, or to a process? Various philosophers and scientists over the years have addressed technology and attempted to offer a full account of its impact and its meaning. The guest editors of this thematic issue hope to reinvigorate this debate, asserting that in order to properly conceptualize technology, an interdisciplinary approach is warranted in order to best capture the essence of this phenomenon. We invite scholars from multiple disciplines to join the debate.


Keywords: technology, philosophy, culture