Volume 2, 2011
Thematic Section

Neurotechnology in National Security, Intelligence and Defense
Editors: James Giordano, PhD, Chris Forsythe, PhD

Neurotechnology in national security, intelligence and defense

Michael Swetnam
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T1-2

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Guest Editorial-
National security in the era of neuroscience

Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T3-4

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On the need for neurotechnology in the national intelligence and defense agenda: Scope and trajectory

Chris Forsythe, PhD, James Giordano, PhD
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T5-8

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Instantiating the progress of neurotechnology for applications in national defense intelligence
Mary Layne Kalbfleisch, PhD, Chris Forsythe, PhD
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T9-16

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Transitioning brain research from the laboratory to the field*
Steve Murray, PhD , Matthew A. Yanagi
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T17-25

Abstract || Murray Yanagi


Neurocognitive engineering for systems development*
Kelvin S. Oie , PhD, Kaleb McDowell, PhD
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T26-37

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Training: Neural systems and intelligence application
Kay Stanney, PhD, Kelly Hale, PhD, Sven Fuchs, Angela Baskin, Chris Berka
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T38-44

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Neurotechnology and operational medicine
Carey Balaban, PhD
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T45-54

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Neurotechnologies as weapons in national intelligence and defense – An overview
James Giordano, PhD, Rachel Wurzman
Synesis 2011; 2(1): T55-71


*The authors of these manuscripts (Steve Murray, and Kelvin Oie) are US Governmental employees, and these manuscripts were written as part of their official duties as employees of the US Government. As such, Potomac Institute Press does not hold the copyright to these specific works.


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